Venturing into Fear Foods

I had a little food incident a while back. I had a setback. Basically, after eating a meal which consisted of a bowl of brussels sprouts roasted with olive oil and spices, I felt more satiated than usual, which resulted in over-googling calorie contents of brussels sprouts. I began googling how brussels sprouts make you feel fuller than anything else. Because I had eaten what I thought was a virtuous dinner of brussels sprouts but somehow found myself feeling bloated and over-full, as if I had eaten three slices of pizza.

I still have trouble with that "full" feeling. And I couldn't stand it, and I wanted science to tell me why I was feeling the way I was rather than give in to the little voice in my head that was whispering "Jessie, don't you miss throwing up?". 

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Can a Gratitude Practice Help Heal Your Eating Disorder?

Don't get me wrong. I have no delusions that full recovery would mean that I am free from worry about food forever. Because honestly, even people who don't identify as disordered eaters get crazy about food sometimes. In a way, that is a relief. Being only normal-people crazy about food seems do-able to me. If it's ok to be sort of crazy about food sometimes, then I believe that I can fully recover.

"Full recovery" doesn't mean I will never have an ill thought about what I ate or never think about food as anything other than fuel again. For me, "full recovery" means living in a way that food doesn't dominate my thoughts and dictate how I act. But that having been said, I also consider full recovery a moving target. At a future point, I may need to redefine what recovery is. But for now, this feels good.

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Creating Laundry Areas in Cramped Spaces - Explained

Cleaning or arranging a small laundry room is a daunting experience for many people but if your organization skills are of top-notch quality then you can make a small room look larger than you think. Having a laundry room with confined spaces will restrict you from keeping all the dirty clothing, detergent drifts and the lint piles.

If one can organize the laundry room properly then within a petite space one can keep a lot of stuff without making it look grubby. So you will be facing a lot of storage challenges in the beginning but after you find the perfect storage solution you can blend it with some creativity and renovate the place.

So here are some clever laundry hacks which you can use for maximizing the cramped spaces.

  1. Keep it outside for drying: If you have a small laundry room then one problem that you are going to get frustrated about is the scarcity of space when you can-drying the clothes. There are several options which you can opt for. Here you can use the curtain rod of your bathroom and put all your clothes there for drying. There are many ways which you can consider when it comes to drying your clothes outside the laundry room. You can easily install a small piece of the rod at cabinet’s bottom or you can pick the drying rack which will look really fancy and can easily solve all the issues related to air drying. You can also purchase the gypsum board ceiling hangers. It will help you to conveniently store everything there without consuming a lot of space from the cramped laundry room.

  2. Do not leave any space: If the laundry room is very small, one way to manage it is by using all the little spaces. So you may have to sacrifice hanging of those cool artworks there and replace it with some wall storing supplies.
    So you can install the storage racks on the wall for keeping the dryer sheet, storing detergent or the orphan socks. You can also put the hooks for hanging the lingerie and small items for drying.

  3. Install shelves in the unused corners: Shelves can be your savior if laundry space is very small. There are many places from where you can get several options on the wall shelf that you can easily install and create a new space.

  4. A lot of containers: Purchase several storage containers like jars and basket where you can keep all the laundry supplies which are spreading around. Candy jar, old vases and apothecary jars can also give you great storage solutions.
    For storing large items you can opt for baskets and jars. When space is looking neat and organized it will make your working experience better.

  5. Utilize the doors: Most of the people overlooks the storage spot which is present on the backside of the laundry room door. You can find several storage solutions which are particularly designed for the closet.
    You can also think about the supplies like shoe storage above the door or for any other supplies. Even if you mount a small hook on the door still it will provide you with additional space for hanging the laundry hangers or bags and for drying the delicate items.

  6. Don't forget the bookshelf:  Bookshelf which is not for the laundry room can also be installed there if the place is running short of space. Using the bookshelf can help you to keep the baskets there along with the arranged clothes.
    In the tiny room, you can also add some more furniture from your garage or attic. For wrangling up all the supplies which are present in that space you can make use of storage cubes, kid's room bookshelf and the side tables.

  7. Pedestal drawer: Install the pedestal drawer near the unit of dryer or washer. These drawers will fit perfectly with the dryer and washer. Make sure that your dryer/washer is supporting the addition of this drawer.
    It is very easy to access them and they can raise the units easily. All these drawers also come with areas for storing a decent amount of the dryer sheet, laundry supplies and detergent. So if you are purchasing the new dryer/washer one must opt for the one where you can install the pedestal drawers.

  8. Stacking upwards: When you are stacking the clothes and arranging them make sure you are putting it in the upward direction so that you can use the unused space in the air.

    You can use the shelf ladder which will look tall and will also narrow down the space needed for storing stuff. When you are keeping all the things away from the floor it will trick your eyes and make you think that the room is big.

  9. A little makeover: Instead of making the laundry room look dreadful you can easily renovate it. By renovation, you can also add new machines with better features and storing capacity. It is the time for giving up your old ways of storing things and try to utilize the maximum space without making it look congested.
    You will have to consider the position of the laundry room in the house and make the effective changes accordingly. Try to change the flooring, walls, design and the entire feel so that the laundry room is not looking gloomy but all. If your laundry room does not have any windows then it might give out a foul smell so try to bring natural light into the laundry room by painting the walls with vibrant and light colors and install a small fan for proper ventilation.
    In order to increase the durability of the floor, you can replace it with the resilient ceramic tiles. To modernize the look you can also opt for the gypsum board ceiling tiles.

  10. A divider is all you need: If you want to keep the folded linens in an organized way in the neat stacks then the divider will help you to do it efficiently. Board partition wall can help you a lot for arranging all the stuff in a good way.
    Apart from having the right storage solutions, you will also be needing proper organizational skills. Do not keep a small laundry room in a messed up position. If needed you will also require to cut out a few clothes that are old or is hardly used. You can also opt for the cedar wall paneling, for giving a new look to the entire laundry room.