Batter Chatter: Interview with Triy of Cupcake Culture

Some will say that Western Culture has wreaked havoc on Eastern countries: we've given them McDonald's, cowboy boots, Michael Jackson. Owch. But we've also redeemed ourselves a little bit by exporting the cupcake trend, which is just starting to take off in countries like Japan, China and Singapore. Cakespy recently had a chance to talk about cupcakes with Triy, owner of the aptly named Cupcake Culture, a new cupcake catering business located in Singapore. Here's what we learned about cupcakes, dessert, and the best time of day to eat cake: 

Cakespy: How did you get started making cupcakes?
Cupcake Culture: I've always loved baking since young! In fact, when my dad ask me what I would like for a birthday gift, I told him I wanted a hand-held mixer! That's how I fell in love with baking. As for cupcakes, I only started out in recent years and started researching before doing lots of it for a friend's wedding last June.

CS: Can you tell us a little bit more about your business? Do you work by special order only, or do you have a store?

CC: I work by special order only, mostly wedding functions, but occasional smaller orders are OK for me if I'm not already tied up with another order.

CS: How long have you been running your business?

CC: Only 4 months!

CS: What is the most cupcakes you've ever made in one day?

CC: 200 of various flavours.

CS: Do you only make cupcakes, or do you make full-size cakes too?

CC: Cupcakes only, for the moment. But I have one bride who's getting married in September next year who insisted that I do a 2 tier wedding cake for her after seeing the one I did for a dear friend. I'm venturing into that, so be patient with me for the moment please!

CS: Cupcakes are extremely popular in the USA right now; there are many bakeries that ONLY sell cupcakes here. Is it the same in Singapore?

CC: Well, we really do not have many that specialise in cupcakes here, but it's slowly picking up.



CS: What are some of the other popular desserts in Singapore?

CC: Definitely ice-kachang! A delectable mountain of shaved ice, drizzled with coloured sugar syrup, with lots of kidney beans, cubed jelly and palm seeds hidden at the foot of the mountain...YUM!! Others would include red ruby with coconut milk, black glutinous rice, green bean soup...the list goes on! We're lucky to have a huge variety of desserts here in our warm and humid weather.

CS: Where do you get your recipes?

CC: Many online, with trial and error tweaking to get my ultimate recipe..some from my library of recipe books.

CS: Do you have any favorite recipes you'd like to share?

CC: Oops! Trade secret! But I recommend '500 cupcakes' by Fergal Connolly. I love the recipes in it!

CS: What is the most important aspect in making a great cupcake?

CC: I would say thinking of who the receiver of the cupcake is, and making the cupcake just the way so that it would bring a smile to the recipient's face..

CS: What is the most popular flavor that you get orders for?

CC: Definitely my chocolatey chocolate!

CS: What is your favorite cake flavor?

CC: Chocolatey chocolate. Need we say more?

CS: What is the best way to eat a cupcake?

CC: I love mine with a cup of freshly brewed English tea.

CS: What is your favorite food, either sweet or savory (other than cupcakes)?

CC: Oriental stir fried beef strips with onion in brown oyster sauce.

CS: What is the best time of day to eat cupcakes, in your opinion?

CC: Afternoon!



CS: Do you think that cupcakes will ever lose their popularity?

CC: Never! They're so lovable!

CS: What are your future plans for Cupcake Culture?

CC: I started the business by baking with love and passion for a dear couple close to my heart, and that brought a smile to their face. I hope that it can remain that way, that my humble creations will bring a smile to my clients and warm their hearts.

CS: Any tips or words of advice for those starting out a cupcake business?

CC: Bake them with passion, and let your creative juices flow!


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