Party On: Cupcake Decorating Parties by One Hour Parties

You've just sent out a perfectly thought-out Evite. And your response? Three "yes", five "no", and fifty "maybe". Did they fail to notice how you cleverly wrote "Yes, I'm Fabulous" for the affirmative RSVP? Well, buck up. Chances are it's not you, it's the fact that you live in Seattle, the flakiest city on earth.

However, even an aloof Seattleite couldn't resist the cosmic pull of a cupcake decorating party done by One Hour Parties. With just 48 hours notice they'll bring over all the fixings: jumbo cupcakes (the batch is half chocolate, half vanilla); tubs of buttercream frosting, several types of sprinkles, plus items you always forget--ie, tablecloth, plastic knives, plates and napkins. For work functions or just groups who just don't like to share, pre-packaged kits are available as well. The cupcakes themselves are a built-in conversation piece as well as nourishment, thus reducing your stress as the host; basically, a cupcake decorating party is a winner no matter how you look at it.

They might even lose that fear of being the first to arrive. Well, let's not go too far.

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Cakespy Note: Not in Seattle? Well, lucky you because One Hour Parties is setting up partner party companies in various cities; for more information, visit their website.