Out, Damned Speck!: Cupcake Necklace by Dottyspeck

At Cakespy, we like to think that we wear our love for cakes like a badge on our sleeve.

However, now we want to wear it like a necklace around our neck, having spied this awesome necklace by Dottyspeck, the company run by Seattle-based metalsmith Kim Williamson. Williamson's work is cute but manages to run more toward sophisticated and slightly tongue in cheek than "cutesy". This pendant could just as easily dress up, adding a little bit of fun to a little black dress; or it could dress down, proclaiming your cupcake love in a hoodie and jeans.

Either way it will make life a little sweeter.

Available at Fancy,

Jewelry designed and handcrafted
by seattle based metalsmith
Kim Williamson