Bakery Run: Pastry Athletic Sneakers

Have you ever noticed how runners always have that vaguely pained look as they sprint around? Well, there’s certainly not much reason to smile as a runner. Just think about the dangers: pulled muscles, too-tight lycra, shin splints, the possibility of getting run over by a car--without a doubt, running is hazardous to your health, not to mention severely un-fun.

However, all things athletic are looking up with the brand new sneaker collection by Pastry Shoes. While the shoes themselves are constructed for athletic and / or sporty use, with padded insoles and running tread, their inspiration comes from dessert: many of them feature cake-trim detailing like sprinkle or chocolate chip prints and color schemes taken from favorite desserts like strawberry shortcake, peanut butter cookies and lemon meringue; it’s all delightfully tongue in cheek. And while they may not necessarily inspire you to actually go jogging, you'll certainly know what to wear the next time you need to run to the bakery—stat!