Cake Byte: Sweet News From Cakespy

Well, there are a few things that we're just dying to tell you, so before your regularly scheduled Thursday evening post, a few bits of sweetness:

First off, we've come across a few awesome Cake finds since the other day's Interior Design Post, and we just have to share them, the first of which is the Birthday Table by Jellio, which is an end table in the shape of a gigantic cupcake cup (photo left)! It ain't cheap, but it certainly is awesome; thank you CB for the awesome tip! $750 ea.; available at

The second great find is the Cupcake Cap. We came across these on DailyCandy and were immediately charmed by these edible "caps" for your cupcakes, available in various cute shapes and decals for various occasions. Do you need these? No, but you want them. As a bonus, the employees are all super-nice and very helpful. Starting at $12 per dozen; available online at


Next in the sweet news: who does Cakespy love? Or should we say, who loves Cakespy? See what they had to say about us on Coterie, and see what Seattle PI writer Rebekah Denn thinks of us on her blog, Devouring sEATtle. And who could forget, we were mentioned as a favorite blog of 2007 by Bake+Destroy! and Mrs. Cakespy designed an awesome new logo for All Things Cupcake!

Finally, calling Chicagoland Cake Lovers!: Your life is about to get sweeter: Head Spy
Jessie just shipped her first batch of original mini paintings, buttons and more gift items to Renegade Handmade, an awesome store in Chicago which sells artwork and crafts by the likes of Bored, Inc., Qylaar, and Rosie Music. We're really excited to be associated with this great store! Renegade Handmade is located at 1924 W. Division St.; online at
That's the important cake news for today!