Holiday Sweetness: A Roundup of Custom Holiday Artwork

Custom order, Golden Girls Cupcakes
Some may say that the joy of the season comes from giving, but we know the truth is the most fun part is the getting--and the ripping open--of awesome presents. Cakespy art figured into giving and getting this year; here is just a small sampling of some of the fun custom commissions which were opened (to extreme joy, hopefully!) this holiday season:

Custom Holiday order, Family of Cuppies in Seattle

For one lucky Seattle baker, a portrait of her family (as cupcakes) near the Space Needle;


Custom order, Cuppies at Kerry Park with Bunnies
For another Seattle family, a portrait with bunnies;

Custom order

For one family of music, book and cupcake enthusiasts, a family portrait (complete with their other Cakespy artwork in the background);


Part 1 of 3--Holiday order

For another recipient, this puppy-and-Cuppie;


Custom order for Taylor

As a surprise commission for the proprietress of a rubber stamp company, a crafty little Cuppie;


As another sweet surprise for someone really sweet, a multilayered diorama;

Custom order (for a friend)
For a dear friend, a collection of memories and inside jokes;

Custom order, Cuppie the Playwright
For another, Cuppie becomes muse for a playwright recipient;

Custom order, Cuppie in the Philippines
Of course, all of this being quite exhausting, we'll close out with a trip to the scenic Taal Volcano in the Philippines.
Thank you so much for your business and fun orders in 2008!