Taste the Rainbow: Rainbow Cake From Madison Park Bakery, Seattle

Rainbow cake from Madison Park Bakery
Have you ever found yourself wondering "where on earth--or in Seattle--can I get some rainbow cake?". If so, you're not alone--but just in case not, here's a primer on what is meant by rainbow cake. A rainbow cake is a multi-layered confection consisting of several rainbow-hued layers of cake, all covered with a snow-white buttercream frosting. The idea is that once cut into, there's a gorgeous surprise inside. And honestly, it's something that never fails to delight children or adults.

While it's usually not something you'd see in a bakery--it would be more of a homemade thing, or a special-order item--happily, in Seattle, you can occasionally find this sweet treat at Madison Park Bakery.

Their version consists of five thin layers of technicolor cake--red, orange, yellow, green, and blue--which are quite light and almost springy, with the slightest taste of almond (perhaps almond extract?). The buttercream frosting is firmer than some, with a more dominant creamy than buttery taste--but of course, above all else it's sugary as all get-out.

Of course, it must be said that part of the joy of eating it is perhaps more the construction and look than the taste of the cake--but of course, how could you feel unhappy when you're eating a rainbow?

The rainbow cake can be found at Madison Park Bakery, Seattle; call first to ensure availability. Here's their website.