Humble Pies: How Many Have You Tried?

Marionberry pie, Irwin's Coffee and Bakery

There's some controversy on the subject of which day National Pie Day ought to be celebrated, either January 23 (as specified by the

American Pie Council

) or March 14 (as specified by the math geeks of the universe). We've got the perfect solution though: why not celebrate on both days? Certainly there's enough pie love to go around.

With March 14th coming around, we decided to forgo the usual apple, pumpkin or blueberry pie in favor of compiling a list of somewhat lesser-known pies; each is linked to a recipe or page explaining its history. Maybe you'll come across some old favorites or new discoveries. But mostly we're curious...

how many have you tried? 

If you're so inclined, feel free to post about it on your site or leave a comment below--if you want to get really fancy, you can specify which ones you've tried by


 which ones you've eaten, and link back to this post so everyone can judge--er, see--your responses!

And of course, if you have any other "forgotten" pies that you think we should know about, do tell!

Acorn Pie

Avocado Pie

Bean Pie

Butter Tart Pie

Cactus Pie

Chess Pie

Derby Pie

Funny Cake Pie

Grapefruit Pie

Grasshopper Pie

Green Tomato Pie


Gooseberry Pie

Grape Pie

Hoosier Pie

Marionberry Pie

Millionaire Pie

Mincemeat Pie

Mock Apple Pie

Nesselrode Pie

Osgood Pie

Ozark Pie

Ricotta Pie

Sawdust Pie

Shoofly Pie

Sweet Pickle Pie

Treacle Cornflake Pie

Vinegar Pie

Watergate Pie

Whortleberry Pie

Zwieback Pie