Kiss of Deathcake: The New Adventures of the Old Deathcake Royale

It's truly the most wonderful time of year in Seattle.

No, not Christmas, jerk: it's time for the debut of the Deathcake Royale.

If this is death by chocolate, then bring on the gurney: this little brickster of a chocolate cake may have a hefty price tag, (at $6.65 it is almost, but not quite, devilish), but be assured that it's an investment in pure pleasure: gorgeously decadent, comprised of a chocolate trifecta: Royale's chocolate cake, Stumptown Coffee ganache, and Theo Chocolate Decadence. 

Dude. This cake is good. 

Happily, after introducing the deathcake in cupcake form last year, Cupcake Royale was understandably overwhelmed by requests to bring back the original, which was served in a cubelike form designed to be "shared by lovers and loved by haters"; technically, it is meant to be shared, but one couldn't be blamed for downing it solo.

And for its legion of loyal followers, the cake is back with a vengeance this year--with a batch of sweet Deathcake booty to go along with it, ranging from Deathcake Royale tumblers and stickers to some very naughty (but sweet) screenprinted undies (no word on whether or not they're low riders to accomodate muffin tops). 

Ready for some Deathcake Royale? Start your calisthenics now, because this baby's making its debut on January 29, and will be available through February 14 at all Cupcake Royale locations; for directions and hours, visit You can also stay on top of their sweet news via their blog and their twitter feed.