Somebunny Loves You: Sweet Love for El Conejo Bars by Woodside Bakehouse

There is a rose in Spanish Harlem, but who cares when there's a Bakehouse in Woodside?

And it's there in Queens--at Woodside Bakehouse, a wholesale and custom-order operation--that magical el conejo bars are created by baker Sarah Peltier, who has worked in pastry at various NY restaurants but is currently making the bars as a second job.

What's an el conejo?

Literally translated, it means "the rabbit" -- but don't worry, no bunnies are harmed in the making of this version.  In Woodside Bakehouse's world, el conejo bars are a dense, chewy granola confection that is completely vegan.

And addictive--it's slowly but surely winning over New Yorkers. Peltier started selling them last summer at a friend's taco shop in Rockaway, and has since placed them in Rice restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and can also be found at the monthly Greenpoint Food Market (the next one is coming up on February 13, as you can see by the totally sweet flyer), where in addition to el conejo bars, there are occasionally other vegan sweets, such as packaged Valentine Cowboy Sugar Cookies.

For more information, visit the Woodside Bakehouse site; you can also find more information about the upcoming Greenpoint Food Market here.