Wink and a Smile: A Warm Welcome to Wink Cupcakes in Seattle

Wink Cupcakes

Some say that the cupcake thing has gone too far in Seattle. They say that 10+ cupcake shops (4 Cupcake Royale locations, 3 Trophy Cupcakes locations, plus Yellow Leaf Cupcakes, Coffee to a Tea with Sugar, New York Cupcakes, Sweet Cakes, plus numerous other bakeries which carry cupcakes) in Seattle and the Eastside is simply too many.

However, because I have a deeply rooted belief that there is always room for more cupcakes, I'm happy to welcome the newest member of the cupcake club, Wink Cupcakes.

Wink Cupcakes

Wink had previously operated as a special-order operation from a commercial kitchen in lower Queen Anne, but has now upgraded to a retail location on top of Queen Anne.

And so, in celebration of Wink's upgrade to being a retail operation, I decided to take these little cakes on a tour of some of their Seattle surroundings:

Say hello to Dick's, Wink Cupcakes!
Vanilla vanilla, say hello to Dick's Drive-In. Acquaint yourself well, because you simply don't know how beautifully you work together--you are bound to share belly space.

Wink cupcake, meet the Monorail
Red Velvet, meet the Monorail. It has a tendency toward crashing into itself and really only goes from the Space Needle to the mall, but it's a Seattle icon. Enjoy.

Guiness cupcake from Wink Cupcakes, Seattle
Guiness cupcake, say hello to the Vera Project. You look like a trendy little cake, so you're bound to enjoy the hipster bands who play here. But just be quiet about the whole alcohol thing--it's an all ages venue!

Wink Cupcakes, Seattle
OK, Guiness, I could tell you were getting itchy for a drinky-drink. Happily, Vera isn't too far away from the Five Point Cafe, a lovely dive bar where you might be fancier than some of the beers on tap, and you're definitely dressed fancier than the typical customer, but still, you might find some comfort here.

Champagne cupcake from Wink Cupcakes
Champagne cupcake, say hello to the Space Needle. It's a famous tower here in Seattle, perhaps you've heard of it? Even on a rainy day, it's a lovely feat of architecture...kind of like you, you pretty little work of cupcake art.

Oh, look, Red Velvet--we've reached our final destination. What's this place, you ask? Well, it's my kitchen. What do you mean it's not as cool as the other places?

Wink Cupcakes

Sorry Red Velvet, but it appears that this is the end of the tour for you.

Want your own Wink Cupcakes adventure? Visit the shop at 1817 Queen Anne Ave. North, Seattle; online at