Ask CakeSpy: Transporting Cheesecake on an Airplane?

Dear CakeSpy,

I have a cheesecake question for you! I am traveling across the country and hoping to bring a mini cheesecake with me on the plane for my boyfriend's birthday. Any advice on traveling on a plane with cheesecake? I'm worried about spoilage as well as it being crushed... I could sit with it on my lap the whole ride I suppose. Any tips would be appreciated!

-Cheesecake Traveler

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Dear Traveler,

First off, one important aspect to consider is that you may be your own worst enemy in this situation. I mean, depending on the flight time, the cheesecake might get mighty tempting.

But trusting that you have a very strong will, let's talk turkey. know, cheesecake. I can't say that this is the best method, but based on consulting some trusted friends and looking deep into my own cake-loving soul, here is what I would do if I were in your shoes. 

  1. First of all, you have to let your cheesecake cool completely after baking it. I do this at room temperature. And since you'll be transporting it, I am going to suggest putting it on a cardboard round (you know, the kind it would be on if you bought it at a supermarket or bakery). I would also suggest cutting out a circle of parchment paper and putting it on top of the cheesecake, and along the perimeter of it. This is because in the next step, you'll put it in plastic wrap, and the parchment will keep the wrap from sticking if it thaws too much.
  2. Like I said, plastic wrap. You need to wrap it very tightly in plastic wrap. 
  3. Next, you're going to freeze it. Like, deep freeze. Overnight. 
  4. On the day of travel, wait til as close to departure as you can to take it out of the freezer. Now, you're going to add a layer of foil, wrapped all the way around the whole (plastic-wrapped) thing. And you're going to put it in a box. Seriously. Find a box that fits it snugly. Or cut a box so that it fits.
  5. Put it in your carry-on, not on a checked bag. Don't you dare. 
  6. Keep it under your seat if possible, to prevent unwanted jostling in the overhead bin. Actually this is preferable to keeping it on your warm little lap too, because you want to prevent it from getting too warm.
  7. Travel safe and godspeed to that dear, dear cheesecake.

Love, CakeSpy