Sweet Thanks: How to Not Let Graffiti Ruin Your Day

I know that I might not have the best reputation among pie lovers.

But really, was this necessary? When I came to my shop today after walking 2 miles in the icy snow, there was an extremely mean anti-cake message graffiti'd on my front window.

I mean, I call my shop CakeSpy, but the store is really dedicated to seeking sweetness in everyday life--by way of presenting totally sweet products, often cake and pastry-themed.

I don't think there's a lot to dislike about this. But apparently someone did. And they had really, really bad handwriting. I mean, if you're going to tag, at least make it a cool one!

But you know what? I wasn't about to let this ruin my day.

...and with a quick few snips of my scissors, I changed this message to one of sweetness.

And I even put out cookies. And if the tagger wants to come and take one, I say go for it. I won't say I don't kind of hope you choke on it, but hey.

Happy Thanksgiving, even to the tagger with terrible handwriting.