Pie in the Sky: High 5 Pie Retail Bakery to Open in Seattle on December 31

2010, you're totally a lame duck. You are on your way d-o-w-n.

But before you go, let's go out in style, with a new bakery opening! Let's make it a good one: how 'bout High 5 Pie in Capitol Hill?

Now, naturally I am happy simply to see a new bakery open.

But I'm like, 5 times more happy to see this one open, because you see, I've been part of the story. That's right: some of the recipes for the new pie location have been aided and abetted by none other than Head Spy Jessie! Go ahead and add "pie consultant" to my resume--but don't call me Pie Spy.

Rigorous testing (and tasting) have been applied to several new recipes for the new retail location, and I hope you'll agree that they're extremely delicious. But don't take my word for it: see for yourself, when they open on December 31st! Does that seem too far away? Happily, they will also have a pre-opening event on December 30. Be there or be square! 

Pie squared, that is!

Find out more on the Capitol Hill Seattle entry on this breaking news!