Sweet Goings-On: What's Coming up in 2011 for CakeSpy

Curious about what has happened (and what is still to come) at CakeSpy Shop and in the world of CakeSpy art? here's a quick review:

May 7, 2011: CakeSpy will be a vendor at Portland's Crafty Wonderland!

May 2011: Original artwork on show at CakeSpy Shop by Rampage! Artist reception on the 2nd Thursday, 5-8 pm.

June 2011: Original artwork on show at CakeSpy Shop by Mike Geno! The store will be open late on the 2nd thursday to unveil this show, which has a working title of Cheese. Get a preview here!

June 6-8: CakeSpy in San Francisco! What bakeries should I visit?

June 11+12: CakeSpy will be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn!

July 2011: Original Artwork on show by Kelly Brownlee! Details TBA.

July 9+10: CakeSpy will be a vendor at the Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle!

August 2011: Original Artwork on show at CakeSpy Shop by Julianna Swaney! Show curated by Pamela Davis. Reception on August 11 (second thursday), 5-8 p.m.!

October 2011: Save the date! The official CakeSpy book launch party will take place at CakeSpy shop on Thursday, October 13, with many more Seattle and nationwide events to come!

November 2011: Original Artwork on show at CakeSpy SHop by Timothy Karpinski! Show curated by Pamela Davis. Reception on second thursday, 5-8 p.m.!


Previous events: 

January 2010: CakeSpy Artwork Still up at Trophy Cupcakes! Yep, it will be up through February at Trophy's Wallingford location. Go buy something for crying out loud!

January 8, 2011: Vegan Girl's Guide to Life book signing and meet and greet with Melisser Elliott of The Urban Housewife! You know you want to meet this completely adorable tattooed vegan. And buy the book. I'm sure that even if you love burgers, you know someone who doesn't.

January 13-31: Artwork by Emmett Montgomery! Come see creepy-cute puppets and buy some for you and your friends. Artist reception 5-8 pm on the 13th!

February 10: Artist reception with Bunny Lee! 5-8 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 10.

February 19: "Bikram or Bust" Bake Sale! Featuring inexpensive vegan and gluten-free baked goods--all proceeds to benefit Teach Bikram or Bust! 12-5 p.m, Saturday, Feb. 19!

March 10 (Thursday): Art Walk Artist Reception with Jess Rees! Shop for her artwork here.

March 14: Pi in the Sky: A 3.14 Pie celebration! Details here. Put on with Wendy Sykes of Four and Twenty Blackbirds

March 26 (Saturday): Bake Sale with Bake it in a Cake, 12-5 p.m.!