Cake Byte: CakeSpy Featured on the Official Twitter Blog!

Did you know that when I was in San Francisco recently, I got to visit a very special and magical place? 

No, it has nothing to do with those tasty mushrooms that the nice gentleman on Haight Street gave me. I'm talking about my trip to the Twitter offices! 

Just as you'd expect, it's very cool inside.

They have lots of adorable decor--Cuppie especially enjoyed the pillow in the lobby, pictured top.

Inside, there are clever riffs on their bird logo all over, several awesome pieces of art (like above) and--how freaking cute is this--people's offices don't have their names on the outside, they have their Twitter handles. So if I worked there, I'd have an office that said @cakespy outside. Doesn't that just kill you?

There was also cake. But that was unrelated to my visit. Turns out, just like real offices (because this one did feel very make-believe, in a good way), they have cake on employee birthdays.

I was totally there!I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Carolyn and Lindsay for a series called "Twitter Tales", in which a variety of Twitter users were asked..."how do you Twitter?", along with being asked about who we follow, our pet peeves on twitter, and secrets for successful twittery (mine: don't give lame updates!).

And--to make the deal even sweeter--I've now officially been called "The Most Adorable Person on Twitter"--by someone who works at Twitter.

That's right, prepare for the internet to explode.

Read the Twitter Tale featuring CakeSpy here!