Cake Byte: Sweet Finds from Japan!

So, we really, really need to talk about the totally sweet stuff that can be obtained online at a magical site called, a site I learned about earlier today from my dear friend Allie (daughter of my other dear friend Julie).

Why is this site so special?

Because there, you can buy things like a doughnut carrier case, pictured top, which has such features as


  • A grip for easy handling
  • A Center Hole, which can be used to store your lollipop (cos you have one, of course)
  • A ventilation system, so your doughnut can breathe
  • And most importantly, a locking security system, so nobody's gonna steal your doughnut.


But wait, there's more! This magical site also has other modern marvels available, such as the macaron-maker, which also offers a tutorial on how easy it is to make macarons with this device:

How to Make Macaroon? 1. Put egg white into the Macaroon Maker. Make meringue by turning the crank. 2. Add cake flour, almond powder, etc. to the meringue and then mix them lightly with the scraper.  3. Place parchment paper on the included guide sheet, and then squeeze out the mixture. 4. Bake them at 130-200 degrees C in oven.

 I'd say easy as pie, but duh, these are macarons!

And I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention the Super Creamy Caramel Maker, the At-Home Cotton Candy Maker, or the Super Yummy Chocolate Melting Pot.

That's right: awesome overload.

Find it all at