Peppermint Party: Peppermint Nanaimo Bars on Candy Cane Sleds for Butter Is Best

Fill in the blank. You know you're a big deal when....

For me, this moment was "when I was asked by the Wisonsin Butter Board to come up with a holiday recipe for their blog". Like, OMG! I love butter!

Naturally, the choice was a holiday riff on my favorite Canadian treat, the Nanaimo Bar. 

If you've ever tried a Nanaimo bar, you know that they're a singular sensation of a treat: unforgivingly rich, unbelievably indulgent, and completely irresistible. That is to say, the perfect holiday treat!

And here's a version which embodies the festive flavors of the holiday season: the Peppermint Nanaimo Bar. It takes the classic bar and gives it a minty makeover, yielding a rich, creamy, buttery and refreshing treat that is the kind of confection that peppermint patties hope to be when they grow up.

Even sweeter? Serving them on adorable sleds made from popsicle sticks and candy canes--the perfect vehicle to deliver these rich treats!

These bars are truly the stuff that dreams (and New Year's resolutions) are made of--and a treat that you'll find hard to resist!

For the full post and recipe (including a tutorial on cute candy cane sleds!), visit the official Wisconsin Butter Board Blog at! Oh, and you should follow them on Twitter too.