Cake Byte: Sweet New Products at!

It's time to let some sweetness into your life. Here's what you should do.

1. Drop whatever you are doing. Ok, maybe not like, literally, especially if you're holding a baby or performing open heart surgery or something (although props to you for being on this website at the same time).

2. Obtain a sweet treat of some sort. If you don't happen to have some delicious peanut butter cookies or avocado cake on hand, hit up your local bakery.

3. Finally--and this is very important--log on to the CakeSpy Shop for some seriously sweet new gear! There are a bunch of new things:


4. And yeah, once your purchase is complete (or perhaps while you are browsing the shop), you probably need to watch aforementioned Bakerella video. Again. Here it is:

And hey, if you're in Seattle, get ready for some serious sweetness! CakeSpy is taking over the lease on an art gallery and gift shop in Capitol Hill called Bluebottle Art Gallery. It's about to become a seriously sweet spot to pick up CakeSpy products! Read more here.