Pop Culture Meets Pop Tart: Avatarts for Serious Eats

Regardless of your thoughts about the actual film, one thing's certain about Avatar: it's a long movie, and there's no way you'll survive it without a snack (or four).

But why settle for butter-flavored popcorn or rubbery Velveeta-topped nachos when you could be munching on something far more delicious?

And so I present the Avatart: a sweet treat wherein pop culture and Pop Tart collide sweetly, in a pocket-sized morsel perfect for smuggling into the theater and decked out in full movie regalia. My recipe is adapted from a homemade recipe care of the lovely and amazing Culinary Concoctions by Peabody.

Check out the full entry and recipe here--part of the The Serious Eats' Movie Awards Season Recipe Series is brought to you by Hyundai