An Educaketion: Seminar on How To Open an Online Cupcake Business

Question: I want to open a special-order cupcake business, but I have so many questions. Is there a class or seminar I could take on the subject?

Answer: Why yes. And it's offered at Simply Cupcakes of Naples, Florida.

It's true, friends: per an email received from said company, there is a place where you can take a seminar in how to open a successful online cupcake business.

I'll be honest: my first inclination was to file all this under "totally unnecessary" and move on. But even though the site does ominously warn that "this may be your last chance to get into the cupcake business" (or what? or what?), there are some valuable things that they cover at the seminar:


  • Complying with legal requirements including ways to bake at home.
  • Setting up your business.
  • Your to use it and make the most of it.
  • What it takes to be successful.
  • What equipment and supplies you will need. Discuss the difference between baking in a convection and conventional oven.
  • Calculating your costs.
  • Marketing.
  • Packaging.
  • Defining your market.
  • Getting free publicity
  • Where to buy ingredients, supplies & packaging.
  • A contract awarding your marketing area and outlining the agreement.
  • A discussion on social networking and how to build a Facebook business page


Well, I will admit, if you are a newbie to small business, some of this might be pretty helpful. Worth the hefty $4750 price tag attached? Well, that's up to you, although if you've got that much to spare, I might also suggest a quick jaunt to my shop while you're in a sweet n' spendy mood.

Not in Naples? They do Distance Learning programs too.

Learn more at the Simply Cupcakes website.