Cake Bytes: Miscellaneous Bits of Sweet News from CakeSpy

Oh, hi friends. There are some sweet things I've been meaning to tell you about. Ready?

First, before I forget to tell you, CakeSpy was featured in the amazing magazine Cake Central. How cool is that? (pictured above)

Booyea! Totally sweet new card holders! Why settle for one when you can buy them all?

Whoopie! If you're in Seattle, and you're feeling hungry for something sweet, you must come to the Whoopie Pie Bake-off at Oddfellows tomorrow!

...but if you're not around for that, you can get a fix of awesomeness by coming to my artist reception on August 5 at the FriendShop at the Seattle Public Library (the Central location!).

...of course if you won't be around for that, at least say you'll come to the Pie Vs. Cake party on August 9.

Oh, and during the month of August I'm going to have some awesome originals and prints on show by CakeSpy Shop featured artist Mike Geno! More details to come.

Reminder: have you entered the Michelle Miller Cupcake Plate giveaway? Really, you should. But if you can't wait, you can buy them here.

Speaking of awesome giveaways, you can win some sweet CakeSpy stuff (starting Friday--in the meantime, read a fun interview with me) on the Renegade Handmade blog.

These aren't cake-related, but they are magical: new Egg Press cards at CakeSpy Shop!! (retail shop only)

Totally sweet: CakeSpy buddy Teresa (who, by the way, is the one who commissioned the above custom piece) surprised me with some delicious macarons from Bakery Nouveau the other day. They were so good, in fact, that the very next day I ventured over to West Seattle to get some more. of which I shared with the uber-talented (and cute) Alicia Kachmar, who dropped by the shop while visiting from Pittsburgh this weekend, and guess what? Macaron fever must have been in the air because she had a sweet treat for me as well: a handmade crochet macaron! (P.S. Buy her stuff here!)

Yesterday while walking Porkchop the pug, I heard a small voice crying "Cake Sale!". Turns out the enterprising youngsters in my neighborhood had (intelligently) eschewed the cliche and quite frankly kind of lame Lemonade Stand for an impromptu Cake Stand. At a dollar a pop, the cake baked by 8 year olds was one of the sweetest things I've tasted in some time.