Cake Byte: TV Show Kid in a Candy Store Debuts

OK, so watching TV is pretty awesome. And I have to confess that I'm pretty excited about this new show which is debuting on Monday, called Kid in a Candy Store, which is described thusly:

This July, Adam Gertler (The Next Food Network Star), uncovers the most outrageous, most innovative, and most loved sweet treats in Food Network’s new primetime series, Kid in a Candy Store premiering Monday, July 12th at 8PM ET/PT with back-to-back new episodes each week.  From food truck fare and down-home delights to wacky twists on traditional favorites like deep-fried cupcakes and sweet beet ice cream, this series celebrates the most scrumptious and creative candy, cakes and snacks.

With upcoming shows centered around cake balls, cake shakes, and Dessert nachos, not only does the dude seem like he might be a soul twin to all sweet tooths, but it also sounds like we might learn about some cool desserts and baking trends around the US. Sweet!

Let's all see for ourselves if it's as good as it sounds: the show debuts on the Food Network this Monday at 8pm.