Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Guess what? This cake is fake. By Cakery Fakery, link below!I think Friday is a great day to waste--er, spend--time checking out links on the internet. Look, I can prove it:

The world's best Whoopie Pies, for 75 cents apiece: airfare to Chestertown, MD not included.

Things everyone loves: an underdog, and pie. This story has both.

Delightful, but certainly not delicious: The Cakery Fakery!

Something I can't stop looking at: Thomas Chung's food-meets-art Flickr photostream.

Forget Spice World: it's the dawning of the age of POP. That is to say, Pop-Tarts World!

Pittsburgh is totally sweet: Dozen Bake Shop opens a new location this week! 

Say it with Fudge: telegram meets fudge with Fudgemail (discovered via The Nibble)

So sweet: a customer chronicles her visit to CakeSpy Shop!

Totally sweet (and savory): the incredibly awesome artwork of Mike Geno!

Did you know that you can download coloring book pages I did for kids (or bored adults), at the Taste of Home website?

Poultry meets Cake--are you ready for this jelly? Red Velvet Fried Chicken.

Humble pie: A Commonplace of Pie is a sweet little book by Kate Lebo, winner of the Cake Vs. Pie Showdown!

Sweet memories: Salad dressing cake!