Spy Lessons: Danny's Tutorial on How to Eat French Toast More Awesomely

If you've ever been to brunch at Calamity Jane's in Seattle, you know that while it's not officially on the menu, the Orange Almond French Toast is pretty much always offered as a special.

And boy, is it ever special. Here's a description of it:

Macrina's Colombe Pasquale bread dipped in Drambuie French Toast batter then grilled, served with a dollop of whipped cream, maple syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar.

That's right: even if it's written in comic sans, it still looks good. But here's something you may not have considered: how will you eat it?

Well, as Danny is about to demonstrate, there is a proper method to apply when devouring to maximize deliciousness. Here goes:

Step 1: Look. At. This.

Step 2: Unwrap butter. Place a small dollop on each slice of toast, so that by the time you butter the last slice, the butter on the first slice is melty.

Step 3: Spread butter on each slice. That's right.

Step 4: In a confident and assertive manner, pour the syrup in a crisscrossing motion from end to end of the French toast fan, to ensure even and full coverage.

Step 5: Spoon or fork a dollop of whipped cream over each slice.

Step 6: Admire handiwork (see picture, top of post).

Step 7: Dig in.

Step 8: You did it!

Step 9:Awesome overload: time to go to sleep, or maybe die, but pleasurably so.

Feel free to apply these steps for awesomeness at your favorite breakfast or brunch establishment, with substitutions as needed based on ingredients. 

Calamity Jane's, 5701 Airport Way South, Seattle; online here.

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