Sweet Discovery: Coconut Macaroon Filled Cake from Trader Joe's

I officially declare this the Week of the Filled Cake. Why? 

Well, for one, it's the week that I discovered my newest favorite thing, Bake It In A Cake, a project dedicated to...well, just guess.

Second, I discovered something delightful at Trader Joe's: the chocolate ring cake filled with coconut macaroon filling.

Oh, yes.

This ready-made cake has a leg up on most grocery store varieties for several reasons. 

First, it's from Trader Joe's, which means it wasn't too pricey (under $8.00, if memory serves correct), and which also means it's hipster-approved. Hipsters love Trader Joe's!

Second, it is frosted. Everyone knows that a bundt or ring cake that only has a dusting of confectioners' sugar is a major bummer. Frosting makes everything better.

Third, it's filled with gooey, rich coconut macaroon filling. It keeps the cake moist, and makes for a lovely visual surprise when cutting into the cake, and a lovely flavor contrast when eating it. Score!

It was served as part of the CakeSpy birthday week bonanza, and it went over quite well.

Chocolate Macaroon filled cake, available at Trader Joe's in the Seattle area (not sure about availability elsewhere); a recipe for a macaroon-filled chocolate cake can be found here.