Sweet Love: A Bakery Crush on Gateau, Djursholm, Sweden

The best part about having a store? Well, other than making absolute gobs of money, all day long, every day? 

Definitely the customers. I get to meet all sorts of cool dudes and dudettes not only from around Seattle, but around the world! And usually, they have great bakery suggestions.

But jumping to the head of the class? Customer (and cool dude) Nicholas, who splits his time between Seattle and Sweden (the poor thing), and sent some delectable photos from Gateau, a cafe in Djursholm, "a fancy area just outside of Stockholm." Let's take a virtual bakery break and imagine we're there with him, shall we?

First, here's the selection. Lovely, no?

...and how 'bout a closeup of some of the prettiest domes you've ever seen: chocolate cakes on the right, Princess cakes on the left.

...and here, a new classic in Sweden--the Royal Wedding Cake, which has gained popularity in bakeries since having been the cake of choice at Princess Victoria's wedding.

...but of course, nobody's going to forget about the classic Princess cake, even if there's no real straight answer as to why it's green.

Ultimately, this is what Nicholas decided on: a raspberry meringue cake! In his words: "Very tasty. In the back you can also see two 'kardemumakringlor' or a cardamom kringle on the plates."

...but the best part? Digging in. Don't know about you, but this is more desirable than any "wish you were here" postcard to me.

Want more? You can see more of Nicholas's delicious foodie photography here, and visit Gateau here.