Bred and Butter: A Sweet Visit to Bredenbeck's, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

How does this sound to you: a banana pound cake cupcake, covered in peanut butter mousse frosting, topped with salted peanuts, a wedge of peanut butter cookie, and drizzled with honey?

Well, this cupcake--the "Elvis"--was as delicious as it sounds, and it was just one of many delectable items obtained at Chestnut Hill's Bredenbeck's Bakery.

Now, as you probably aready know, CakeSpy has had a bakery crush on this place for the longest time--recipes for ghost cupcakes and dude-friendly beer and chip cupcakes have been featured on the site. So it was an absolute joy to visit the actual bakery--open in Philadelphia since 1889 --in person and sample some of their sweets for ourselves.

Other than aforementioned Elvis Cupcake, what did we sample? So glad you asked.

We tried a bit of their seasonal Eggnog ice cream--similarly deliciously decadent.

After that, why not follow up with a seasonal sugar cookie (but obviously a  2 and 0, because seriously, the 1s looked like they had far less surface area). Buttery. Sugary. Good.

We finished with one of their slices of buttery pound cake. Simply awesome.

Of course, due to limited time, some of the things that sadly were not sampled included:

The "Chestut Hill" Torte (a sort of rich chocolatey confection);

...or the cannoli, brownies, or other delicious looking cakes.

But there's always something for next time, right?

Totally worth a visit: this bakery was chock-full of unfussy, but totally buttery, baked goods that will make you smile.

Bredenbeck's Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor, Philadelphia; online at

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