Hunka Hunka Burnin' Yum: Elvis Whoopie Pie Recipe for Peanut Butter and Company

Elvis Presley was inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on January 23, 1986.  Just to honor this great occasion, I’ve created the Elvis Whoopie Pie for my favorite peanut butter company in the world, Peanut Butter and Company!

Inspired by the flavors of the King’s favorite sandwich, the Elvis Whoopie Pie is kind of like the hip swiveling, larger than life version of the traditional treat.

Comprised of two fat, cakey banana cookies sandwiched with a lavish amount of honey peanut butter buttercream, these substantial treats are then studded along the sides with bits of bacon, forming a sweet and salty masterpiece that is truly fit for a king.

And on a personal note, I should add that this is the last item I made that I simply could not stop eating--others which have held this status were the Behemoth Crumb Cake and Cookie Cake Pie. So you know it's good stuff.

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