Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Photo credit: Delicious Delicious Delicious

Wasn't this the BEST WEEK EVER? Well, let's make the weekend even awesomer, starting with this baker's dozen of sweet links:

Sweetness by mail: A dozen desserts which can be delivered to your door.

Performance art and dessert come together, with volcanic results.

Laminate it, baby: Cake Gumshoe Robert sent on this great video about how to make croissants!

Sweet wanderlust: I want to visit Caramel Bakery in Kuwait, don't you?

Seattle's best comfort-food desserts, according to Seattle Magazine.

Cinnamon. Chocolate. Churro. Cupcakes. Do you really need to hear more to click over to the recipe?

Chocolate Milk, with an adult twist: recipe for the "Chocolate Flip", discovered via TastingTable.

Captivating Cookie Menu: Isabella's Cookies (I want to try the "Pom Pom")

On the Lam: White Chocolate Gingerbread Lamingtons (pictured top)

Pie Day is on Sunday! One of my favorite pies is this French Colonial Pie, by Max of The Piecycle!

Do. Not. Forget. Pie Day is this Sunday, and if you're in Seattle, there's a big party!

Color me SWEET! Find CakeSpy coloring book pages at Taste of Home!

Still in a holidaze? True, Christmas is already a month gone, but if you need a little Christmas, right this very instant, here are some sweet doughnut ideas!