Totally Swede: Cake Gumshoe Nicholas Shares Sweet Finds from Cafe Saturnus, Stockholm

CakeSpy Note: So, I have a totally sweet customer named Nicholas. He's basically the ideal customer: he comes in and buys stuff, and then tells me all about the delicious sweets he eats when he travels the world. Just looking at his pictures is bound to evoke some seriously sweet wanderlust. Here's where he's been recently:

I tried a new cafe here in Stockholm and check out the size of these buns:

Pretty delicious! Cafe Saturnus is a small cafe in the middle of Stockholm which has a pretty strong French theme (although all the pastries are Swedish). I haven't tried the savory food, but it looks very very good.

This is the "kanelbulle" (CS Note: here's a link to a recipe for these Swedish cinnamon rolls!), which is a cinnamon bun. This one was enormous and had a little more vanilla than usual.

Not that this is such a bad thing. Oh, and btw, Nicholas included another picture for good measure:Yeah, that's right. Get yourself to Stockholm! Curious to learn more? Find Saturnus online here.