Save The Date: Pie Slam at CakeSpy Shop on March 14!

Did you miss National Pie Day on January 23rd? Aww, poor thing. But don't despair, because in the effort to keep you fat and happy all winter long, CakeSpy and Four and 20 Blackbirds are teaming up to host Seattle's first Pie Slam on March 14 (the "other" pie day...Pi Day!), at CakeSpy Shop, 415 E. Pine Street in Capitol Hill. Here are the details:

Cake and Pie Peace Talks Result in Seattle’s First Pie Slam

Seattle, WA – While the media has been heralding the demise of the cupcake and the ascension of pie – two Seattle bakers have come together in peace to hold Seattle’s first writing and baking contest – the Seattle Pie Slam.

Jessie Oleson, artist and blogger of CakeSpy fame, and Wendy Sykes, owner of the baking business Four and 20 Blackbirds decided there was no room for malice in the world of dessert and came up with the concept of a Pie Slam.

“It’s a writing contest and a pie contest, all baked into one,” said Sykes. “The concept is loosely based on a poetry slam, but in this contest the plot must contain pie. And the writer/baker is judged not only on the content and quality of the story -– but also on the quality of the pie.”

“It’s not just pie in the sky,” said CakeSpy Jessie Oleson.  “this crusty confection has inspired many a taste memory, and we’re ready to celebrate these stories at the Pie Slam!”

The event will be held at Oleson’s Capitol Hill gallery on Monday, March 14th at 6:30pm. True, while National Pie Day already happened in January, for those of you who missed it, “Pi Day” is just another chance to celebrate pie!

For more details on entry rules, prizes and judges, email!