Seeking Sweetness: Daily Snapshot, Birthday Cake Custard featuring Rainbows

CakeSpy Note: if you follow me on facebook or Twitter, you probably know I'm partial to adding bits of sweetness to my daily surroundings and sharing my sweet experiences. Here's where I post a daily feel-good photo, for no particular reason other than to showcase these sweet little nothings, in hopes that they'll make you smile.

Here is a short and true amusing anecdote for your viewing and listening pleasure--it is a real conversation I had today at Old School Frozen Custard.

Employee: Our flavor of the day is Birthday Cake Batter. Would you like to sample it?

Me: Actually I'd like a scoop in a cup, and can I get rainbow sprinkles?

Employee: It already has rainbow sprinkles in it.

Me: Well...then can I have more rainbow sprinkles?

The result? Well, you can see it for yourself. Taste the rainbow!