Tour de Sweet Boston: Sweet, Downtown Boston, November 7

So, I really think you should come visit me in Boston when I pass through on my Tour de Sweet book tour.

On November 7, I will be stopping at SWEET, a wonderful place to get cupcakes (I'll also be stopping at Eat Cake! in nearby Newburyport on November 8).

But I don't want to be too bossy about it, so instead of saying "you'd better come, you!" I'll give you five sweet reasons why it would be a good idea for you to come. Totally your decision though.

1. Sweet is conveniently located in downtown Boston, so if you work in the city, it is the perfect after-work stop. And if you are coming in from another neighborhood, well, there's plenty of cool stuff around to do if you wanted to make a day of it.

2. Sweet makes very delicious cupcakes, and they now have Fall flavors available. What I am saying here is that not only can you hang out with me, but you can pick up a few cupcakes to take home and share (or not), too. 

3. I solemnly promise to draw a cupcake, unicorn, or robot in each sold copy of my book . And I promise to try really hard to spell all names correctly when signing books.

4. Did I mention that Sweet's cupcakes have been called "Boston's Best"?

5. Cake. CakeSpy. My book . The prospect of a unicorn drawing. Really, do you need more reasons?

Bonus: I'll be bringing some boxes of CakeSpy notecards to raffle off to lucky winners!

Event Details: Monday, November 7, Sweet Cupcakes, 11 School Street, Downtown Boston. 5-7 pm. Find more information about Sweet here. Find the Facebook invite here.