CakeSpy for Baileys: Friendsgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time for thanks and togetherness. A time for family, food, and football (at least in my family's house it always seems to be the way it is, though I never watch it).

But Friendsgiving is far funner. This is an idea and a campaign championed by Baileys, and I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute.

What is Friendsgiving, you ask? As Baileys says:

Introducing Friendsgiving – the time of year that's less about carving turkeys and more about carving out time for friends. Whether you get together before Thanksgiving or after for leftovers, Friendsgiving is all about being with your "other family." (And may we suggest a glass of Baileys?)

And to celebrate this sweet idea, they've set up a Friendsgiving page which includes menus, party ideas, recipes, and plenty of more fun stuff. And they have an all-star cast of websites and blogs included. I got to come up with some sweet boozy cake, bar cookie, and beverage recipes! Le nom.

For more, visit the Baileys Friendsgiving page!