CakeSpy Recipes Featured in Food & Wine Magazine!

So, here's what you're going to do today (or tomorrow, or at least before you get in the kitchen to bake Christmas cookies).

1. Exit your house.

2. Proceed to the closest bookstore or grocery store or newsstand.

3. Obtain a copy of the December issue of Food & Wine Magazine.

4. Turn to page 84, where you will discover a photo of adorable Baby Buche de Noel cookies. Man, do you ever want to make those!

5. Flip the page to find the recipe for aforementioned cookies, as well as Eggnog-stuffed cookies...and delight in the fact that they were both contributed by ME! CAKESPY!

It's true: I was hit up to contribute some recipes for the most recent issue, and am so delighted to be featured alongide with baking heroes Danny Cohen of Danny Macaroons and Malika Ameen of By M Desserts . It's quite a thrill!

To read the article online, visit Food and Wine!