Book Larder: CakeSpy Bakes with Kids

OK, buddies. After a lot of feedback that my book, CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life, is very kid-friendly, I decided that I would go ahead and teach a baking class for kids.

That's right. Your kids can learn lessons about how to be more awesome, from me. Here's the synopsis:

On December 18th, Book Larder has a treat for small bakers, a morning with CakeSpy's Jessie Oleson.  Not only will the kiddos get to make their own Cupcake Stuffed Cupcakes and S'moreos and decorate their own Cake Pops, they'll get a cupcake drawing lesson from the master.  Open to children ages 5-9.

The class will go from 10am-12pm; you can buy tickets here.