Peter Panera: The Mystical Process Behind Product Development

CakeSpy Note: So, as you know, I have been contracted to write about Panera Bread from time to time, and since I find their goodies delicious, I'm pretty happy to do this. 

Where does inspiration come from?

Well, ok, that was a pretty open ended question. But when it comes to bakeries--especially bakery chains--it's a particularly fascinating question to me.

So it is very interesting to me that Panera is very open with their product development methodology--it seems like a lot of companies are very secretive-slash-Willy Wonka-esque about this process. But right on the site there's a video about their breadmaking process (embedded at the top of the post) "inspiration" process:

Joking aside, I love the fact that they have these informational videos on their site--I truly wish every company would do this! I love getting the backstory, and find it extremely heartening that a large chain can find it possible to still have a soul and a story.

To find a location close to you, visit; follow them on Twitter here, and find them on Facebook here.