Sweet Start: Custom Cereal by me & goji

A while back, I was contacted by a custom artisanal cereal company called me&goji with a sweet offer to try out their build-your-own-cereal tool for free. 

Very cool, but unless it's being used in cereal treats of some sort, I have to be honest: I am not much of a cereal eater.

But then it hit me: could I use this as an opportunity to create the least healthy--and therefore most delicious-- cereal on earth?

Well, I was certainly going to try.

So, when you start the "build your own cereal" adventure, you are greeted with an array of base cereals with which to start your mix, including flax flakes, oats, and something called "healthy hoops". I scrolled right on past these choices and settled on what was clearly the best: "Choco Granola".

After that, you get to add various mix-ins to customize your cereal. Choices include things like healthy, fiber-rich fruit, oat, and nut mixtures.

Of course, they also include things like the melange I chose, which included Cacao nibs, coconut, macadamias, cocoa almonds, choco-peanuts, chocolate chips...and, for health, banana chips.  And I called it...

Now, I'm not going to say that this is the least healthy cereal ever, but it certainly does sound more like the ingredient list for a rich cookie bar than for cereal, doesn't it?

But proof is in the pudding, so how did it taste?

In a word: rich. This was like taking trail mix and removing all of the pesky raisins that get in your way and adding a whole lot more delicious stuff. When covered in milk it became a decadent treat of a breakfast, one that left the remaining milk tasting like some sort of Momofuku dream.

You could use me & goji to create a delicious, healthful cereal--but if you ask me, it's far tastier to create a dessert-of-a-breakfast for a sin-cereal-y delicious treat.

Create your own cereal confection--I mean, creation-- at meandgoji.com. Oh, and they have some Valentine's Day Specials, too!