Scents and Sensibility: Spots for Sweet Aromas in Seattle

Though it may appear unassuming, the spot captured in the above photo is actually quite a special spot in Seattle. I have, through much painstaking research, determined that this exact spot, on 6th Avenue between Blanchard and Virginia, is where you get the absolute best doughnut aroma wafting over from Top Pot Doughnuts, which has its entrace one block away. Seriously. Just go here one morning, stand, and smell. It will make you so happy.

Although this is my favorite spot to catch a sweet scent in the city, there are several other very pleasant ones that come to directly to mind--feel free to add your favorites (for Seattle or beyond!) in the comments section below!

1st Ave. South near S. Holgate, SODO: It's no secret that I adore Macrina Bakery, which has several locations in Seattle. But it is my learned opinion that this facility (where they do much of their wholesale baking) smells the best. 

6th and Olive, Downtown Seattle: It always smells like bread baking under the awning of Il Fornaio. Could it be that they pump the scent out into the street to entice customers, as I've heard McDonalds does? Perhaps, but I'm not complaining.

Jackson and 20th, Central District: Though I'm not the biggest fan of their packaged baked goods, it always smells delicious nearby this large commercial baking facility for Franz Bread.

Phinney Ave N. and 35th, Fremont: Theo Chocolate's factory is bound to give you a Wonka-esque moment when you walk by and get a whiff of the chocolatey-smelling air at this intersection.

Pine Street and 10th Ave, Capitol Hill: Walking by Molly Moon's Ice Cream is like a study in willpower. The delicious aroma of freshly pressed waffle cones mingled with the creamy ice cream aroma is pretty appealing at just about any time of day.