Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

 Happy, happy, happy weekend! Let's get it off to a totally sweet start with a baker's dozen of links:

Let's Talk About Pie Less and Eat It More: Another reason to love Baked's Matt Lewis.

Of course, as Megan Seling reminds us in The Stranger...pie has arrived...but then again, PIE NEVER LEFT.

...and also if you're in Seattle, eat pie at these places, says Nancy Leson (she is to be listened to).

Speaking of pie (I realize that I am talking about pie and should be eating it more), do you believe I once thought it needed help being cooler?

Remember my obsession with the Mazurka Bar? Author Judi Hendricks (who got me obsessed in the first place) blogs about it here!

In NYC? Please get your cookie on, with the return of Dorie Greenspan's CookieBar!

Mama, what's a Kruffle? Tell you when you're older. Just kidding - they're cake truffles!

Sweets for your sweet: Truffle Truffle candies on the TastingTable Sweet Shop!

Warm and Fuzzy: Cotton Candy Heart Cookies by Chic Cookies!

Fame and sweet fortune: CakeSpy isn't the only one being filmed this week. Trophy Cupcakes is going to be featured on The Cooking Channel!

For those of you who will not be watching the Super Bowl, Melissa Clark proposes a pinkies-out feast of crumpets and marmalade. I say you can do both.

Speaking of the NY Times, Mark Bittman (who I am in love with, sorry Mr. CakeSpy) steps down as the Minimalist. To honor him? A link to one of his desserts, Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding.

Sweet memories: Avocado cake for Serious Eats (perfect for the leftover avocados once you've made your super bowl guacamole!).