Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

 Sweet tangents here, to lead you into a sweet weekend.

Baked...potato...cookies? Like, whoa.

...which reminds me of a favorite Seattle sweet treat, the Potato.

...and speaking of Seattle, we're going to get a new vegan bakery!

...which reminds me, Shavon (who had a bake sale at CakeSpy Shop!) now has an Etsy Shop!

...and that reminds me of something else sweet: CakeSpy's Peeps Fluffernutter was featured on!

...and since we're talking about cuteness, how about these Chocolate Popsicle Coasters?!?

...going back to Tacoma, congrats tCake Central for this sweet article!

...and back to nonvegan Seattle baked goods, here's a controversial article about pie from Seattle Weekly. What do you think?

...and in less controversial pie territory (well, there is that bit about the raw egg), doesn't this French Silk Pie sound splendid?

...similarly delicious-sounding (and looking): Chocolate Pudding Pie on Smitten Kitchen!

...back to the cake side of things, howsabout this oldie but goodie: Fuzzy Navel Cupcakes that are cute and tasty and have booze?

...that link was from Cupcakes Take the Cake, where I also learned that Starbucks now has Cake Pops!

...but that led to a sad discovery that my bloggy BFF Bakerella hasn't been feeling so well lately. Everyone send her some mental frosting-filled and sprinkle-topped wishes, please!

...and BTW, it made me happy to look at these again and think about how great Bakerella truly is.