Flash in the Panera: Eating Muffin Tops from Panera Bread

CakeSpy Note: So, a few weeks ago Panera Bread emails me and says "would you like to be part of our blog program? We'll pay you." Well, you know, in so many words. So, naturally, I accepted their money and ate their sweet treats.

Guess what I did today? I went to Panera Bread and after reviewing their baked goods case for several moments, said "Give me your biggest muffin top".

Now, as the employee gently (but firmly) pointed out, they're actually called "Muffies". I'll tell you the honest truth, dear reader: I knew this. But I had made my decision.

Regardless of what you want to call them, they're pretty tasty. They had cornbread, pumpkin, and chocolate chip varieties on the day of my visit. 

Favorite by far? The chocolate chip variety. With a texture that seemed like the unholy yet delicious love child of a cookie, scone, and unfrosted cupcake, this moist, dense treat was satisfying, with a great, crusty top, giving way to a soft, cakey interior.

Plus, it's called a Muffin Top (I mean "muffie"), so it's totally an acceptable cake-for-breakfast type food.


To find a location close to you, visit panerabread.com; follow them on Twitter here, and find them on Facebook here.