Cake Byte: Bake Sale with Bake It In A Cake This Weekend at CakeSpy Shop

OMG! It's happening, this weekend, people!

The two awesomest blogs on the internet (hey, modesty is not my strong suit) are teaming up for a super sweet bake sale at CakeSpy Shop!

That's right. CakeSpy and Bake It In A Cake are having a bake sale on this Saturday, March 26!

There will be dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of cupcakes! Filled with delicious things! Available for your purchase (bring cash, sweeties!) and eating! At a shop full of adorable cards, art and gifts! What other information could you possibly need?

Oh, ok, details.

Date/Time: Saturday, March 26, 12pm - 5pm

Location: CakeSpy Shop, 415 E Pine Street, Seattle WA

This event is open to the public.

Learn more about Bake It in a Cake here; shop for awesome art in advance at