Cake Byte: CakeSpy Art at The Paperdoll in Bellingham, WA

Guess what? Bellingham's about to get sweeter.

That's right: CakeSpy Art will be on show all April long at The Paperdoll, the cutest store in Bellingham!

I have been making an absolute art zombie of myself recently, painting some sweet scenes of my favorite Bellingham landmarks, including but not limited to, scenes of my signature anthropomorphic baked goods at Mallard ice cream:

...and at Mount Bakery:

...and at Rocket Donuts (nom nom): well as many others.

In fact, I worked so hard the other day that after eating a slice of chocolate cake the size of my head and completing four paintings in one go, I had a massive crash.

Just more proof that I never do anything halfway, sweeties.

CakeSpy Art at The Paperdoll, all April long. The Paperdoll is at 312 West Champion, Bellingham WA. Online here.

UPDATE: There will be an artist reception on Friday, April 1 from 6-10 p.m. Because I am working at my store today, I will not be arriving at the reception until approximately 8pm, but I will indeed be there!