Sweet Memories: A Slideshow of Sugar Overload from CupcakeCamp 2011

CupcakeCamp 2010 was totally awesome. Nobody's arguing that.

But if I were to write in the yearbook of this year's followup,  CupcakeCamp Seattle 2011, which took place at The Canal House in Ballard, what I would write would be this: UR 2sweet + 2B = 4GOTTEN. No, really.

Organizer and cupcake genius Carrie Middlemiss of Bella Cupcake Couture couldn't have put on a sweeter event, with proceeds going to HOPE Heart Institute.

I mean, for one thing, New York Cupcakes made a cake tower on which they decorated the cake to look like the artwork I did for the event poster! OMG!

And for another, I got to be a judge in the cupcake competition. I took this job very seriously, as did co-judges Rachel of Cupcakes Take the Cake, Melody Biringer, and Keren Brown (aka Frantic Foodie).

But don't take my word for it alone, because I have plenty of photographic evidence. And to celebrate the sweet memories (or, if you weren't there, make you jealous), here are over 100 sweet snapshots from this amazing event, during which over 800 cupcake enthusiasts ate many thousands of cupcakes (including, notoriously, a Monte Cristo cupcake comprised of french toast cake, swiss cheese buttercream, raspberry preserves, and salty ham; also, a Chicken n Waffles cupcake).

Note: These photos are not listed in any particular order of awesomeness, just sort of as they happened. Here's the slideshow: