Cake Byte: The Piecycle Bakesale At CakeSpy Shop, Sunday, April 3

Buy pie from this cute boy. (photo courtesy: Trung Le)Have you been curious about The Piecycle, Seattle's pie-by-bicycle delivery service in the University District, but don't live in the delivery zone?

Well, lucky you. For one day only, today, from 12 til he sells out (and he will sell out, I promise) The Piecycle's Max will be selling pie by the slice at CakeSpy Shop on Capitol Hill!

He will be baking up a limited amount of pies, so be sure to come early, because these sweet slices are bound to sell like hotcakes. Hot pies? Whatever. It's delicious.

Follow The Piecycle on Facebook here; on Twitter here; buy his pies from 12 til they sell out at CakeSpy Shop on Sunday, April 3, at CakeSpy Shop, 415 E. Pine St., Seattle WA 98122.