Cake Byte: The Bakesale For Japan Was Totally Sweet

Like, OMG, dudes and dudettes.

Thanks to all of the great bakers and shoppers who made the Bakesale for Japan happen at CakeSpy Shop this past weekend, we were able to raise over $3000 for Peace Winds America. But seriously, Leslie Kelly said all that needed to be said on the Voracious blog:

On Saturday, tables at Jessie Oleson's adorable Cakespy shop on Capitol Hill were heaped high with all sorts of goodies: cookies, cakes, outrageous brownies, cupcakes, and, oh, what's that? Almond brittle? YUM. Harvest Vine contributed bags filled with cinnamony rolls labeled "buns of love." 

It was all part of a nationwide movement to hold bake sales, with the proceeds going to benefit survivors of the deadly earthquake and tsunami more than two weeks ago.

The steady flow of sale-goers added up to big bucks. More than $3,000 was raised. Sweet! Let's make this a regular date, huh? Say, once a month? Because this is going to be a huge recovery effort!

Thank you so much to all of the excellent bakers, who, if you have forgotten, included:

The Sated Palate 

The Harvest Vine 

Not Martha 

Sugar Rush Baking 

...and of course the shoppers and eaters who made it happen, with an extra-special sugarcoated thanks to Courtney Keen, the organizer!