Cake Byte: CakeSpy Quoted in the New York Times!

It's true: my thoughts on cake mix (and butter) officially matter. The New York Times says so!

That's right: an article appearing in the New York Times, on the subject of Duncan Hines' new advertising campaign geared toward foodies, brought up some big questions about whether or not cake mix can be taken seriously; naturally they hit me up for a comment. Here's the bit that mentions me--and a big thanks to the great writer, Andrew Adam Newman, who gave my book a plug! Yeah!

Jessie Oleson, publisher of and author of the book CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life; which will be published in October, said the book does call for cake mixes in some more complex recipes.

While she herself has trouble telling the difference between cakes made from scratch or a mix, Ms. Oleson said the fact that the new Duncan Hines recipes call for the brand’s own line of canned frosting rather than homemade may deter the serious bakers it seeks.

“I would be much more likely to tell if a canned frosting was used than a cake mix,” Ms. Oleson said. “The quote about food in general is that the secret ingredient is butter and lots of it, and with frostings that holds true.”

For the article, visit the NY Times website!